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Property Investments

Lease and purchase

STORMS IPS has a wide experience in the field of complex investments. 

In the buying and selling process STORMS IPS can assist you with the following aspects:


• Acquisition and market reseach

• Valuation

• Negotiations

• Due Diligence

• Contracting

• Financing

• Property Management

STORMS IPS advises real estate users with the lease or purchase of offices, retail and industrial. STORMS IPS is your professional guide in the process of purchase or lease on the following aspects:

• Schedule of requirements

• Market Scan

• Short-list of properties

• Inspection

• Negotiations

• Contracting

• Completion


We also advise tenants with regard to:

• Renegotiation of current leases

• Rent Disputes

• Rent Review

• Check service costs


Property Management

Storms IPS has an infrastructure to manage buildings and real estate portfolios, both technically, administratively  and commercially.


Our approach is fully tuned to the reality and the customers wishes, with the strategy to maintain the values and condition of  the properties. Storms IPS can also take care of service contracts and service charges for the tenants; coordinating brokers with regard to the letting of vacancy and renovation projects dealing with adjustments and structural maintenance. Full attention is given to maintain a good relationship with the tenants in the various properties. 

STORMS IPS carries out valuations of commercial real estate (office, retail and industrial) and unmarketable real estate.


We make use of very sophisticated mathematical models and extensive database that offers you refreshing insides into property values. A valuation of STORMS IPS provides you with a clear sense of the value of the property, including a substantiation. Apart from valuation for a possible purchase, we are asked for value specific valuations, balance sheet valuations, reinstatement values, rental value appraisals and, for Dutch property, valuations for the purposes of the Valuation of Immovable Property Act. The certified valuators of STORMS IPS are members of VastgoedCert, NRVT and RICS.


STORMS IPS provides the following consultancy activities for investors, banks and real estate users:

• Market and location surveys

• Financial feasibility studies

• Real estate finance advisory

• Contract negotiations

• Establishing sale and leaseback structures

• Due diligence coordination 

• Real estate tender procedures

• Accomodation consultancy

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